1 The Wayang Wong

2 The Gambuh

3 The Calonarang

4 The Masters Of Bali

5 The Mask Dance

6 The Legong Dance

7 The Pusaka Bali Jaya 2013




National Performance

(1999) Best performance in Jakarta
(1992) Participant in Ceremonial Temple in East Java.
(1989) Participant in Ceremonial Temple in East Java.
(1987) Participant in Ceremonial Temple in Jakarta,
(1980) Participant in Festival Traditional Performance in Jakarta.
(2011) Best performance in Surabaya 

International Performance

(2013) Trevelling to Calabria and Bergamo Italia
(2011) Brave and Kana festival in Poland of masters of Bali
(2010) Japan Touring Performance For Joged Pigitan
(2009) Tirupati Tirumala Chennai India
(2008) Mujeres Dance Festival in Ecuador and Colombia,
(2008) Maroko and Italy Theater Festival
(2007) Europe Tour Performance “masters Of Bali Netherland and Germany,
(2006) Qatar Doha for opening Ceremonial Of the 15th ASIAN Game,
(2005) Festival De L’Imaginaire 9th 2005 in Paris,
(2003) Performance to USA,
(2002) Germany for International Sacral festival
(2001) Performance to Argentina (Cordoba City )
(2001) Performance to Australia (Brisbane)
(2000) Performance in Italy – Germany and Denmark
(1998) Performance in Sao-Paolo Brazil in FIAC.
(1997)  Performance in Japan (Fukui Festival and International Museum in Osaka, Japan.
(1996) Performance in Denmark, Poland and Italy With International School Theater Antropology  (1990) Performance and Demonstration Dance and Mask,
(1987) Performance in Venlo Holland, Art Balinese
(1986) performance in Arnhem, Holland
(1985) Performance in Amsterdam, Germany and Berlin
(1983) Performance in England.



As the son of Djimat, Nyoman first began dancing at age three, winning first priges in national competition for Baris, Jauk and Topeng at age 13. With his inherited dedication to the Balinese roots Nyoman expanded his fathers foundations with the PUSAKA ARTA ENSEMBLE. At age 34 Budi Artha has already directed, performed, taught and lectured to international audiences over forty times. Along with leading the foundation Nyoman has worked full time for Bali’s Cultural Department, is raising his own family of dancers and received his MASTER in performing arts.

Budi Artha’s mind is much too active to be satisfied by the arts alone. His vision is the BRIDGE, the means and ways of providing and presenting the essence of Bali to the outside world.

TRI PUSAKA SAKTI, is Nyoman Budi Artha’s new vehicle-designed to more fully encompass this noble vision


Nyoman Budi Artha

Biography I Nyoman Budi Artha, S.Sn., M.Si

I Nyoman Budi Artha was born in the village of Batuan Bali in 1971, of a great artist named I Made Djimat with Ni Ketut Pinti who works as a makeup. As a child born to a large family of artists, I Nyoman Budi Artha of small activities in particular are familiar with the art of dance and balinesse music, especially the arts grow and flourish in his village.

Since the age of 3 years, I Nyoman Budi Artha had started practicing dance and Balinese gamelan of the father and the mother, who always accompanied him. Almost every day I Nyoman Budi Artha train themselves in the arts until the age of 5 years has brave performances and Balinese dances well and perfect. Until the end at a very young age which is 11 years I Nyoman Budi Artha’ve got champions Line 1 as a Balinese dancer. Even in a row I Nyoman Budi Artha always get 1 champion in various events like dance competitions Balinese dances; Jauk Sweet, mask and was named the best young dancer by the provincial government and the Gianyar Regency. In the event-engage in the arts festival, I Nyoman Budi Artha started him off as a regular dancer, until now it has been established as a direct supervisors and coreographer and to composed his music.

To continue His hobbies I Nyoman Budi Artha, continuing education in the High School of Art Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar to earn an art degree in 1996. And to finalize his knowledge of the art and culture of Bali, I Nyoman Budi Artha continue to pursue higher education and has completed his Master in the culture that raised a thesis on “The Development of Bali Cultural Change in the Middle of the Modern World, at Udayana University in Denpasar Bali in 2004. And now He been working in Bali Provincial Cultural Office, in charge of the assessment of Balinese culture.

Since in junior high school to college, I Nyoman Budi Artha has delivered many works of art and his works are very popular in the community of Bali, as well as the works of I Nyoman Budi Artha always well placed as the best work in the arena of race or festival at the local level (Bali) to the national level. The works are born by I Nyoman Budi Artha, a new creation works well to represent the region (Gianyar) and represent the Bali provincial national level.

Art career journey I Nyoman Budi Artha, very vast considering 14 years old since he has done performances both nationally and internationally, which began when he was invited to dance Baris and Jauk in 1985 to Germany and the Netherlands. And since 1985, I Nyoman Budi Artha almost every year even in one year can be 2-3 times to get an invitation to dance abroad. On the trip abroad is all continents in the international world such as Europe once he went to the State; Italia, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Poland, France and other countries in Europe , as well as to South America such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Quito, and almost all countries in the Continent of Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, China, Hongkong, Saudi, Qatar, Brunei, and other , as well as the continent Autralia. Even now I Nyoman Budi Artha, not only as a dancer while touring abroad, he often directly lead the troupe to perform overseas staging, also I Nyoman Budi Artha instantly gives workshops and lectures on art and culture of Bali.

In the midst of the run of his career, I Nyoman Budi Artha never forgot how to educate and care heritage and Balinese culture, especially towards to young generation dancers and the preservation and development of traditional Balinese classical art, then in 2003 he made an art group aims to accommodate young people who wanna learn about Balinese arts. However, due to the development of Balinese art and to respond to the challenges of Balinese art, then in 2006 I Nyoman Budi Artha, make an “Art Foundation” named “Tri Sakti Heritage” which aims to train the noble arts of Bali also aims to document the various arts of Bali classic so it will be able to enjoy the future. As well as the foundation is in the open class for international students or foreign students who wanna learn about the art and culture of Bali.


1991 – 1996      The Indonesian School of Art (STSI) Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Studied on a scholarship, earning a SSn, an undergraduate degree in Art “with distinction”

2002-2004        Master Of Saince (M.Si) at Udayana University Denpasar Bali For Development of  Art and Culture in extention Of Balinese Performing Arts


2011                   Directing Of traditional and classical for Bali Arts Festival

2010                   Directing Dramatic theater of Wayang Wong for Bali Arts Festival

2007                   Director of  Children Dance and music production of Gianyar Regency during Bali Arts Festival

2003-2005      Directing and Production Of  VCD / DVD of The Ancient / Traditional / Classical Of Balinese Dance Drama Theater ; Gambuh, Wayang Wong, Topeng, Calonarang, Baris Malampahan, Legong etc.

2003-2005     Directing and Production Of  CD Audio (Music) of Balinese Instrumental : Gambuh, Semara Pagulingan, Gong Kebyar,  Selonding,  Gender Wayang,

2005                 Artistic Director of New Colossal Directing Of Balinese Dance Theater “ Kebo Teng-Teng (Danghyang Nirartha ” in International Nusa Dua Festival in Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

2005                 Artistic Director of the Original Work for International in Bali Arts Festival Of The Ancient Balinese Dance Theater called “ CALONARANG “

2004                Artistic Director of New Colossal Directing Of Balinese Dance Theater “ Sutasoma”

in International Nusa Dua Festival in Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

2004                 Asst. Artistic Director of the Original Work for International in Bali Arts Festival Of The Ancient Balinese Dance Theater called “ GAMBUH “

2002-2003     Directing Of The Reconstruction Of The Balinese Ancient Dance Drama Theater called ; Wayang Wong “

2003                 Artistic Director of New Colossal Directing Of Balinese Dance Theater “ Gugurnya Subali” in International Nusa Dua Festival in Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

2003                 Artistic Director of the Original Work for International in Bali Arts Festival Of The Ancient Balinese Dance Theater called “ Wayang Wong “

2002                Artistic Director of the Original Work for International Nusa Dua Festival in Nusa Dua Bali Indonesia

2001                Best choreographer for an original  dance for Bali Art   “Prahara”

1999                 Directing Of The Reconstruction Of Balinese Traditional Dance called : Baris Malampahan”

1999                   Best artistic direction of a  new work in the national  (Jakarta ) competition “Ciwa Genta Bumi “

1998                   Best choreographer for producing and directing a new Balinese Drama  “Geseng Waringin“

1997                   Golden award for producing and directing a traditional Balinese dance   “Lingga Yoni”.

1996                   The best creation, production, and direction of a new  Balinese dance    “Witning Semara.”

1996                   The best creation, production, and direction of a new Balinese dance “Kirana.”

1995                   The best creation, production, and direction of a new Balinese drama “Ki Naran Taka.”

1994                   The best creation, production, and direction of a new Balinese Drama “Ki Pasung Grigis”.

1991                   Golden award for best performance of original mask dance.

1991                   Golden award for  the best performance of traditional mask dance.

1988                   Best performance of traditional mask dance

1986                   Golden award for the best performance of traditional / classical dance “Jauk Manis.”

1984                   Golden award for the best performance of classical Balinese dance “Baris.”


2011                   Directing Of New Parade Dance  For Culture Department to Festival in East Java

2010                   Directing Of New Dramatic Theater For Culture Department to Festival in Lombok               

2004                       Directing of the Maestro “ Ni Ketut Cenik “ Exhibition In Jakarta

1999                       Artistic director of New Creation Dance in Parade at Jakarta. Indonesia

1998                       Directed New Creation Drama in Nusa Dua Festival, Bali

1998-1996            Chosen to present Balinese dance for various nation events

1994                       Golden Award at the Indonesian Fesival of Traditional Dance in Jakarta for best performance “Awamana” dance

1993                       Golden Award at the Indonesian Festival of Traditional Dance in Padang, Sumatra, for the best performance “Ngelawang”


2011                       Leading the group performance to Poland

2010                       Directed the group for performance to India for ballet Ramayana

2009                       Leading the group performance to Japan and to Colombia

2008                       Tour Performance to Maroco and Italy theater festival 9 – 15 June 2008

2008                       Dancer of the UNESCO program at France at Paris 9 – 16 May 2008

2007                       One Of The Dancer During The “ Masters Of Bali” Tour to Holland and Germany in May 7 – 14, 2007.

2006                       The Leaders and the choreographer Of Balinese Dance During the Opening Ceremonial Of Asian Game in DOHA Qatar.

2006                       The Leaders Of Indonesian Performing Arts Of Indonesian Promotion To Hong Kong During Bali Tourism Board Conference.

2005                       The Leader and Manager Of Balinese Troup Of Europe Touring Performance (Sapin, Italy and Austria).

2005                       Performing and Workshop In Hongkong (Baptist University and Hongkong University ).

2005                       The Leader Of Balinese Troup Performance To Spaind Ingenio Grand Canaria For Trade and Promotion Of Balinese Tourism.

2005                       The Leader Of Balinese Troup Performance To Singapore For The Relationship Between in Trade Singapore and Indonesia

2003                       Balinese Performing Arts Mission to JEJU South Korea

2003                       Balinese Performing Arts and Promotions Of Balinese Tourism to Yunan China

2002                       Lectured at ECUM Belo Horizonte, Brazil

2002                       Leader and artistic director of Balinese Group to Festival Musica Sacra International in Marktoberdorf, Germany.

2001                       Leader and artistic director of Balinese Group to Mercosur Festival in Cordoba, Argentina.

2001                       Leader and artistic director of new work celebrating  Garuda Airline in Brisbane, Australia

2000                       Participant and master at International School of Theater Anthropology, directed by Eugenio Barba in Beilifeld, Germany with Internacional Teatro Festival.

1998                       Participant and master at International School of Theater Anthropology by Eugenio Barba in Denmark and participant at Expo Festival in Portugal.

1998                       Artistic director and leader of Balinese performance in Festival International Arts Cenicas, Brasil

1997                       Leader and artistic director of Balinese Group to Festival in Fukui and Tropical Musium in Osaka, Japan.

1996                       Participant of International School of Theater Anthropology in Copenhagen, Denmark, directed by Eugenio Barba.

1995                       Member of  the Indonesian art delegation for the Indonesian tourism promotion at the Midosoji parade,  Osaka, Japan.

1995                       Member of  the Indonesian art delegation for the Indonesian tourism promotion at the Moscow, Rusian.

1994                       Member of  the Indonesian art delegation at the Hanover EXPO, Germany.

1994                       Member of the Indonesian art delegation for Indonesian cultural promotion in France.

1992                       Member of the Indonesian art delegation for promotion of Indonesian culture in France.

1990                       Performer and participant at Venlo Mask Festival in Tropical Musium in Venlo, Holland

1987                       Member and  dancer of Balinese dance group to Holland and France

1986                       Member and  dancer of Balinese dance group to Holland and France

1985                       Member and dancer of Balinese dance group to Holland and France




From 1998            The Organizer Of The Annual Bali Art Festival

1998                       Artistic Director Of Balinese Performing Arts in the SCENIC Festival at Sao Paolo Brazil

1998-2001            The Head Program For The Annual Tourism Nusa Nusa Festival Organizer

2001-2006            Consultant Of The Annual Tourism Nusa Dua Festival Organizer

2004                       The Member Of The National Maestro Presenting Organizer Even At Jakart


2011                       Given the lecture of Balinese Dance Music and Culture of Bai for Kana Festival in Poland

2007                       The Director and choreographer of Big Production Of new creation Dance and gong kebyar orchestra With 100 children in batuan Village for big competition during Bali Arts Festival in 25th June 2007 in Taman Budaya Denpasar

2004-2006            Workshop and Lecture For Baptist University Student

2005                       Workshop and Lecture In Hongkong in Baptist Hongkong University and Hongkong University)

2002                       Workshop and Lecture In MUSICA SACRA The Festival Of World Sacred Music in Marktoberdorf Germany

2001                       Workshop and Lecture In ECUM The International Theater Symposium In Belo Horizonte Brazil.

2000                       Workshop and Lecture In ISTA (International  School Of  Theater Antroplogy ) in Germany

1999                       Directed “ Genggong” and “ Frog dance” in Festival Nusa Dua III Nusa Dua Bali.

1998                       Directed and choreographed the Kolosal production of “ Ki Balian     at Bali Art Festival.

1996-1997            Teaching in senior school in Denpasar Bali, ( Choreographed and directed dance curriculum festival )

1994-1996            Choreographed and directed the production of Gianyar District’s  presentations at Bali Art Festival: “Ki Pasung Grigis” ( Balinese Drama ), “Kinaran Taka” ( Balinese Drama), “Baris” (Traditional Dance), “Witning Semara” ( New Creation Balinese dance ) )

1993-1994            Taught various traditional dance forms such as Telek, Baris Gede, Rejang, and Calonarang for Village Batuan- Sukawati.

1992                       Taught Telek, Jauk, and Arjuna Wiwaha for the Village Sebatu, Gianyar for their International performance in France.

1991                      Taught Baris dancer for the Village Payangan, Gianyar, for their performance at Bali Art Festival.

From 1986 until now, I have been teaching Balinese dance and music to international and Balinese students.






          Tri Pusaka Çakti is an educational foundation and vehicle dedicated to recording, preserve, sharing and glorifying the arts of Bali, drawing inspiration from the deepest roots of this mysterious and complex culture. Tri Pusaka Çakti is a newly established foundation but its direct lineage goes back to 1971 with the creation of Panti Pusaka Budaya founded by I Made Djimat, one of Bali’s more famous dance performers and teachers.

Many excellent artists were born from the inspired training of Djimat and Panti Pusaka Budaya provided their performers with many opportunities to show their skills to many audiences nationally and internationally. This original foundation served the ancient, classic and traditional forms of Dance, Drama and theatre and did significant work in resurrecting the dance dramas such as Gambuh, Calonarang, Topeng, Legong Genggong And others.

In 1999, from the fruit of Panti Pusaka Budaya grew another foundation with a more expanded vision. Naturally this was directed by the son of Djimat-Nyoman Budi Artha, S.Sn., M.Si., Following in his fathers dance steps Nyoman became a master dancer and teacher. In functioning as foundation director Nyoman Budi Artha far surpassed His father and under Nyoman’s dynamic leadership the foundation continues to flourish. The Pusaka Artha Ensemble within its six years of life has accomplished many things and expanded in many directions.

Along with directing, creating, teaching and performing within the foundation, Nyoman Budi Artha has worked full-time within Bali’s Cultural Department, completed his master degree, all while raising his own family of dancers. Now having completed his time within the Cultural Department he has gained tremendous experience and contacts to launch the vehicle which embraces his full vision and mission, the Tri Pusaka Çakti Foundation

.         There is an indescribable feeling that you sense when you touch and taste the Essence of Bali, millions of souls from around the world. Have been inspired by this mysterious power that the Balinese continue to hold.

When the essence or “Sari” of Bali is studied or research and published in summary form as books, films, curriculum and newsletters – in many languages; only then can the Balinese culture truly give and the outside cultures receive. With Tri Pusaka Çakti we believe that the fullest expression in giving this essence is through the dance music, and theatre. We will be aiming for nothing short of initiating a new renaissance for the Balinese arts. Drawing from the deepest roots of Essential Bali new creations of our artistic endeavors will blossom into bright and colorful manifestation from this exotic flowering tree. Therefore UNDER-STANDING is the mission of Tri Pusaka Cakti and the programs of “Essential Bali” its vision. To reach understanding we must dig deep into the root wisdom of this island and provide channels which translate and communicate “Essential Bali’ to the entire planet.

The concept within which “Essential Bali” is established is Tri Hita Karena. This is the union of humanities relationship with the Divine, humans with one another and our relationship with nature. The Balinese culture and traditional laws called “ADAT” were created so that Tri Hita Karena would be fully honored by all. With the advent of tourism and modernization new ADAT or culturally agreed upon laws are required. Laws that teach people to recycle the waste and in general serve to protect and beautify the source of this essence. Our program implements many alternative earth friendly ways to restore harmony and purity in our communion with mother earth.

Spiritually, Bali has retreated from their former, highly advanced spiritual process of Siwa-Buddha, grounded in animism – to the most basic maintenance way of Hindu Dharma. The task of Tri Pusaka Çakti is to fully expose the roots of the spiritual and cultural process so that the Balinese are given the “big picture” and a fuller awareness as to WHO they are. The awakening of this core awareness is synomomous with the blossoming of this exotic flower this is the real Bali. The motto of essential Bali is “Roots to the future” and our guiding symbol is the Balinese Goddess of the arts and education, SARASWATI.

In Her four arms she carries wisdom, the arts, beauty and devotion. We of the Tri Pusaka Çakti foundation have choose HER way which carries the essence and we have assumed the responsibility to establish an appropriate vehicle which glorifies her form in the would. Through weaving a new word made of strands from the arts, from natures, glorious garden, inspired education and devotion to this newly awakened feminine, we will strive to create new life designs of unity peace, freedom, responsibility and happiness.

This new foundation is engineered to continually seek out the essence within the arts, the culture and the source found within nature and the spiritual process. Tri Pusaka Çakti will in summary publish the information creating teaching tools in the form of books, newsletters, films, multi-media programs, courses and new curriculum for schooling, locally, nationally and internationally.

To compliment our programs we intend to borrow ways and means from other related educational organizations such as outward Bound, Findhorn, Roots and Shoots, as well as others established here in Bali and abroad. Through co-operation with the foundation IDEP we open the channel with which we can produce and publish books and manuals, such as the ones (Tri Sakti Trilogy) included within this proposal. We are also working in cooperation with “Children of the Earth” to facilitate our participation in the healing arts, nature and eco-tourism.

In this material-mad global society more and more people are looking for what is essential to life, looking towards the arts, spirituality and nature. Tri Pusaka Çakti’s purpose is to make “Essential Bali” available to all. Through tapping the essence within the Balinese arts, spirituality and nature we intend to change Bali’s relationship with the world. When education has become the foundation, tourism will be re-established within a very different orientation. This will enable the next generations of Balinese to understand and live their essence, having the ability via guide training, performance, education etc to clearly and in summary form communicate with their guests. Promotion of our programs abroad will be directed toward those wanting the learn and grow through access to Essential Bali.




Performance around the world will be geared not just to entertain. Through multi-media show purposed to lift the soul, open the heart and blow the mind, we will give audiences a new and fuller vision of Bali. All international programs and performances from Tri Pusaka Çakti will be highly polished and extremely professional, yet carry the spirit which inspires