Masters of Bali



The Generations of Balinese Dance Share a Single Stage

Special Night

Every 1st and 15th In Month

“Masters of Bali” The Generations of Balinese Dance Share a Single Stage

Time    : 20.00 pm

Place   : “Umah Kodok Stage” Batuan Gianyar Bali – The

Atmosphere Of Balinese Theater

On the 1st and 15th of every month, four generations of talented dancers from the Djimat family in Batuan will take to the stage to share their rich cultural legacy of Balinese performing arts. Performances will be held at Umah Kodok Stage at Batuan Sukawati Gianyar starting at 8:00 p.m. on the designated dates everymonth.
Presented by the Djimat family and the Tri Pusaka Sakti Foundation, each performance will showcase dancing family members ranging in age from 6 to 85 years-of-age.

Highlights of each performance, include:

I MADE DJIMAT – The Dance Maestro. “Djimat” – in the original Balinese means a “sign” or “item of magic or fortune.” The artistic flare and personal charisma of I Made Djimat confirms the nuance of his given name. His world-renowned stardom in the world of dance is rooted deeply in local tradition, grounding his fame in a humanity which is classic of the great Balinese masters.

I NYOMAN BUDI ARTHA – The Bridge Builder. As the son of Djimat, Nyoman first began dancing at age three, winning prizes in national competitions for Baris, Jauk and Topeng at the age of only 13. In possession of a mind too active to be satisfied by the arts alone, Budi Artha has become “the bridge” – the means of providing and presenting the essence of Bali to the outside world. Tri Pusaka Sakti Foundation is Nyoman Budi Artha’s newest vehicle, designed to accommodate his noble vision of sharing Balinese dance with the world.

I GEDE AGUS HENDRA ARTADINATA – The Future. First son of Nyoman Budi Artha and, his wife, Putu, by the tender age of five and a half, “Agus” had already performed in Bali, Jakarta and abroad. Already accomplished and confident on the stage before his sixth birthday, Agus is an living argument that great Balinese dancers may indeed by born to their cultural calling.

The Performance
Each evening’s performance will present each of four living generations of the Djimat Arts Family:
• The Grandson : Agus Hendra or Nyoman Tri Artamurti
• The Son: I Nyoman Budi Artha
• Master: I Made Djimat

• And all the Generation Family

Each performance will be supported by a supporting dance troupe of 15 dancers and 30 musicians.
Divided into four separate sections, the dance program includes:
Section One
• Overture Orchestra with Semara Pagulingan Saih Pitu
• The Welcome Dance Pusaka Sari
• Baris Tunggalby the grand son Of the Maestro
• Joged Pingitan with Gandrangan Music

Section Two
• Gambuh Music Orchestra with The Hero’s Panji Character
• Genggong Orchestra
• Frog Dance

Section Three
• The Four Characters Of Djimat Topeng

Ticket Prices
Admission prices are Rp,100,000 per person (approximately US$ 10) for an evening of outstanding Balinese music and dance.